School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Marcel Schweitzer

Room: G.15.28
Email: marcel{at}
Phone: +49 202 439-3773

Office hour: Wednesday, 13:00-14:00 (during teaching term, otherwise only by arrangement)

  • Approximation of matrix functions
  • Krylov subspace methods, in particular restarted methods
  • Fréchet derivatives and condition numbers of matrix functions
  • Exploiting low-rank structures in numerical computations
  • Decay behavior in matrix functions
  • Randomized numerical linear algebra
  • Applications of numerical linear algebra techniques in network analysis
  • Implicit/matrix-free trace estimation algorithms

List of publications

Software related to my research:

  • t-frechet: Toolbox for computing t-functions (and their Fréchet derivatives) of third-order tensors (MATLAB)
  • sketched_fAb: Randomized Krylov methods for the approximation of matrix functions (MATLAB)
  • FUNM_QUAD: An implementation of a stable quadrature-based restarted Arnoldi method for matrix functions (MATLAB)

Software developed by students:

  • VSWorkbench: Extensible VS Code Plugin for incorporating Developer Tools (Bachelor thesis Sufyan Dahalan)

To allow young researchers in numerical linear algebra to also present their work during the Covid-19 pandemic, I organized the online seminar series "Communications in NLA" from September 2020 to May 2021, together with a few colleagues.

All talks have been recorded and can be watched on our Youtube channel.

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